Location: Antigua

Late last night (in Dominica), I was woken up to find that we were setting sail to dodge some nasty weather in a large advance, just to be safe. I’ll add that putting up the sails and getting the boat ready is pretty fun now that we all know what jobs need to be done and how. After about a 13-hour passage, which really isn’t so bad anymore (aside from the lack of good sleep) because we are all used to it, we were back in warm and sunny Antigua, our safe port. The rest of the day was pretty lazy, we hung out in the nearby diner, sipping smoothies that we had to buy to get internet access and studying for our mid-term tomorrow. Later in the day we found out that the weather we avoided to be safe had turned into a tropical storm named Bertha, yes, Bertha – a classic huge storm name and that it was headed straight for Dominica (pronounced dom-min-niiieeeca). Sleeping will come easy tonight, no storms to worry about, and being docked means no late-night nightwatch.

tans coming in good,
Kelcy Thompson