Location: Mackay, Australia

Today we finally finished our 8-day passage and made it to Australia! However, before I talk about today, I am proud to announce that we finished our first passage where no one puked (yayyy wahooo). I guess we are finally getting our sea legs after 65 days aboard Argo. It also doesnt hurt that it was perfectly calm the whole time. So, this morning started with everyone huddled around the cockpit in their warmest gear. You know we are truly spoiled when everyone is freezing in high 50-degree weather. We certainly arent in Tahiti anymore. After we got into Mackay harbor, we did a thorough boat appreciation (aka boat cleaning), and then waited a lot. We had several Australian officials on and off the boat all day checking every seemingly inconspicuous nook and cranny. Luckily, all that was taken was Olivias potato, yes, an actual potato idk, and some detergent nut things. Dont worry, moms, and family members. No gifts were taken ☺. Overall, everyone is ecstatic to finally be in Australia. We are currently getting ready to explore the town/marina of Mackay so we can all finally touch land for the first time in about a week. Also, sorry for the lame photos, we didnt do a whole lot today


– Chad