Location: Antigua

Hello everyone,
The days on Argo have become particularly busy after our Antigua classics weekend. Days ago, on day 66, I played a minimal skipper role as our day was full of on-shore adventures. We started the day with a relaxed wake up of 8:00, followed by what I remember as a wonderful 5-star, three-course breakfast. After breakfast, we elected our student-led passage leaders, skipper Peter, chief mate Zoe, engineer Nat, and navigator Elisabeth. The students then had marine biology class while provisioning extraordinaire Amanda stocked up on our favorite cereal. For the rest of the afternoon, we were given free rein to explore Antigua on shore before rendezvousing back at the boat for the award ceremony. Anticipation was high as we listened to the awards being called. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any award for last place 🙁 We celebrated our success with a group dinner out where we exchanged race stories and fuelled up before embarking on our next passage the next day. Antigua Classics race week will never be forgotten.