Location: Muskmelon, Guana, BVI

Today we woke up in Great Harbor Peter accompanied by Captain Hook, the angriest barracuda in the Caribbean. Captain Hook always hangs by the boat sporting the large fishing hook stuck in his jaw while he guards Ocean Stars home mooring ball. After breakfast, we prepared the boat for a day, say over to Muskmelon Bay. We dropped the mooring and raised sails simultaneously while leaving Great Harbor into the Sir Francis Drake channel. The wind remained calm all day, but we managed to make it to Muskmelon on a close haul, tacking a few times along the way. The fisherman staysail and flying jib sails both made an appearance today as well. Watch teams were broken into hour-long shifts in order to give everyone enough time to finalize and practice our research project presentations for Oceanography after we anchored. Presentations went well down in the salon, and then we had an hour or so for swimming, showers, and more studying before dinner. Some of the crew found time to practice their backflips and put together a couple of songs for our closing program coming up. The entire crew has been excited all day long in anticipation of our Marine Biology final exam this evening. On top of our presentations and final tonight, our fish identification logbooks are due, which has kept us very busy. However, after our Oceanography final tomorrow morning, we will turn in our Student Leadership logbooks and finally be able to relax for the rest of the trip. Well, they are now yelling at me to hurry up and come take the biology final, so I guess I better go wish me luck!