Location: Sandy Spit, BVI

Today was a day of epic proportions. Only 3 days until fly day, and no one knows what to do when they get home. It is going to be truly weird for a while with such a big change-up. Most of us are going to walk out of the airport and freeze. I didn’t even bring a pair of pants to wear, so I will be facing Massachusetts winter in shorts. To start off the day, we had some delightfully bland plain oatmeal packets served up by chef sunshine bear. After that, we took our oceanography final, which is our last exam!! From here on out, there is no more school work. We officially made it through finals week. After everyone was done, we moved around the point and anchored near some small bays. Since we are in the BVIs, we are allowed to tag turtles because we have a research permit. So tag them we did. It was a crazy mad dash of everyone in the water chasing turtles. Four people get dragged behind each dinghy with their heads in the water, trying to spot a turtle. And when someone spots everyone cooperates to catch it. You swim down and sneak up on it and literally just grab onto the top and the back of the shell and swim them up to the surface. The only catch of the day was made by Eric Burnett and his super awesome mustache. After everyone settled down, we prepped Ocean Star for her last sail of the trip. It is a sad thought. It’s also a very big change from the beginning of the trip, which felt like only a couple of weeks ago, where everyone was a total muppet and had no idea how to sail this thing. All the sails were raised smoothly, and we were able to sail off of the anchor without starting the engine. From there, the short passage to sandy spit was a fun one. Sunshine was wearing a funny hat, Brendan’s sunglasses were apparently magic, and some shenanigans went down. When we arrived, it was shower time. Would this be the day that Thad FINALLY does a backflip?…nope. But we did manage to get Typhoon Faloon and Kiri to throw down some backflips, which were astounding. Also, Colburn tragically shaved his mustache despite everyone saying to keep it. After dinner, we had a delicious layered dessert whipped up by Jacqueline, which was chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, then a layer of brownies and chocolate fudge to top it off! It was mind-boggling. To finish off the day, there was a beautiful sunset. There are only two more of them for the whole trip, so we have to take them in while we still get a chance. We are all going to miss the Caribbean without a doubt. This is Aaron writing his last blog of the trip. Ocean Star, you will be missed. Stay classy.