Location: Sandy Spit, BVI

Today, it was apparent that our amazing time on Ocean Star is almost over. In the morning, most of the crew went on our last dive in a place called the playground. The surge was ridiculous, and it soon became obvious that the only way to deal with it was to go with the flow, as they say. We let ourselves be rocked back and forth as we swam around looking at coral and fish. When we were ascending the mooring line for our safety stop, two eagle rays glided by, seeming to fly through the water more than swim. When we got back, it was time to clean and return dive gear and start our own packing. It still seems totally ridiculous that we actually need to get our stuff together to head home. For a few hours today, the salon looked like a closet explosion with everyone’s clothes spread out so thick, the floor disappeared. It is also surprising to see how far our stuff has spread out on this boat, and you never know what gems you might find once you lift up your mattress. Cleaning up all the dive gear was also pretty labor-intensive just because there are so many separate parts that need washing and sorting. While some of the crew worked on that, other lucky souls escaped Ocean Star and dive clean up to explore the beach. Apparently, the body surfing was decent, but there was a probable danger of ending up on the coral. But who wants to body surf without a little risk, right? Tonight for the squeeze question, I asked everyone to thank the person sitting to his or her right for anything. The answers people came up with showed just how much we’ve come to learn about and respect each other. All I know is in a couple of days. I will be at home, wishing I were on a ship in the Caribbean with 19 amazing people having incredible experiences that will stay with us forever.