Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Today we took care of Argo. A lot. We had a full day of Boat Appreciation, where we scrubbed the deck, washed the cap rails, rust busted everywhere, cleaned the galley, scoured our cabins, mopped the floors, sorted through the food, waxed the gunwales, and more. We even sent people up the masts to polish the spreaders. Boonrod was taken around the boat so the hull and all around the outside could be scrubbed, waxed, rust busted, and cleaned. After a long day, we were thrilled to be able to take real showers in the marina. For dinner, Wilder prepared an interesting assortment of food: French onion soup, chicken jerky, cheesy bread, regular bread, salad, and cookie cakes. Nobody was quite sure how to put it together, but it was delicious nonetheless. Following dinner we finished up OCE presentations and Becca gave her SLD presentation on terrain parks. We also learned we changed time zones, so we got to sleep in an extra hour! Some people after dinner went over to the marina to find the free internet we had been hearing about, but most went to bed exhausted after the full day of cleaning.