Location: Underway to Jamaica

The 20-knot breeze which we had eagerly anticipated never showed, unfortunately, and so Argo trudged on under motor. Nevertheless the conditions were fantastic- totally clear skies, flat, calm seas all morning (and a gentle swell in the afternoon) and not too many cans of Faygo consumed by Nick. An increase in the number both of birds and of massive ships heralded the approach of Jamaica, to the excitement of all. After class (and assorted oceanographic presentations from various shipmates), we all tried something new: Simultaneously striking and flaking the sails. The extra coordination required didn’t seem to stymie us for the most part, at least until we tried to bring the Fish down- that, its true, was a process which entailed a lot of time fighting wayward acres of canvas. Land appeared somewhere around the now-familiar ritual of underway showers, made all the more entertaining by Eli’s break dancing in the fresh-water stream. (Millie says hi from next to me.) As of now- about 1930- we are motoring onwards towards our destination, expecting a late-night arrival. It will be interesting to try to adjust back to non-passage life, particularly to real showers and more than six hours sleep at a time.