Location: Roseau, Dominica

Ocean Star’s crew was treated to a “normal wakeup” at 7 am today. We’ve become so accustomed to waking up at 6 am that a few of us mistakenly referred to this as a “late” wakeup — a testament to how much our perspective has shifted since the beginning of this semester.

After a tasty breakfast prepared by head chef Alex, we rolled into a Boat Appreciation to reverse a week’s worth of sand, sticky fingerprints, and the mysterious grains of rice that seem to appear in our scuppers days after our last rice meal. (Rice is like glitter on Sea|Mester vessels: eat it once, and it will haunt you for months afterward.) We turned on some tunes and got to work and were rewarded at the end with a spic and span boat and crisp, clean sheets.

While BA was in full swing, the provisioning team sped off to browse Roseau’s wares. We acquired an exciting array of new foods for our head chefs to cook over the coming days.

Most of the afternoon was spent putting food away and preparing for Alex’s oceanography midterm which was held in the salon with the smell of sizzling burritos cooking in the background. We spent the rest of this drizzly Caribbean day comparing answers to questions, catching up on our reading and schoolwork, and having a few quiet moments to ourselves in this beautiful anchorage.

After dinner and squeeze, we headed down for next week’s scheduling meeting and new oceanography material (today was a busy day for Alex!). We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s early (early, early) wakeup for the Boiling Lake hike!