Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today started early and still semi-dark with 5:30 a.m. wake-ups. After a rushed breakfast of cereal, we all shuttled to the dock to meet up with Poncho, our tour guide for the boiling lake hike. The hike began nicely with a nice and steady uphill through puddles of mud and water. After falling victim to the puddles in the first 15 minutes, as most of us eventually did, I gave up on trying to maneuver myself around and ended up walking through streams and mud in my shoes all day, maybe not the brightest idea as I later realized. The run-hikers waited for the rest of the scenic hiker squad at the lookout about halfway to the lake and again later to enjoy the hot springs where we did mud facial and took a warm bath. After about 3 hours of downhills and uphills, the DFL (dead freaking last) squad consisting of Tina, Margaret, Mari, Tessa, Miranda, and me made it to the boiling lake where the run-hikers had finished eating lunch and were ready to head back. The DFL squad enjoyed a leisurely lunch and lots of photo-taking on the long journey back. Anticipating the end, the DFL squad tragically split up. Arriving at the base, I took off my shoes to find them shriveled and rough where most people were disgusted. The kind lady at the restaurant gave me a foot rub in hopes of reviving them. Arriving back around 5 pm, Caroline was preparing a delicious dinner of chili.