Location: English Harbour

Today started like it always does, waking up at 7 with breakfast at 7:30. After breakfast, the crew went straight into the first day of our final BA. The jobs were a little different this time and including cleaning out and organizing the laz (shoutout to Margaret, Mari, Alex, and Steve), cleaning out the bilges (shoutout me and Kyle), organizing the library, inventorying the kitchen, checking PFD’s and cleaning personal spaces. During BA, we moved from the spot we were anchored into English Harbour at Slipway marina, the same place we began this whole adventure. After BA, some of the crew headed across the harbor to get some lunch and do a little shopping if you are Miranda and me.

It doesn’t seem real that tomorrow is our last day, and I know we are all going to miss Ocean Star, our home for the past three months, a ton. As we finish up our final cards tonight that we write to everyone on the boat, we will be forced to look back at all of the incredible experiences with even more amazing people and appreciate all that we learned in the past 80 days. I hope to see you again someday Ocean Star. Bye for now.