Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Salutations, avid blog readers! Today I bring you a tale of Boat Appreciation, Final Squeeze, and our last Night out as a crew. Sit back, relax, and probably shed some tears, knowing this is the final post you will see from the Spring 2019 Semester. It feels crazy that I’m even saying that. Bonus points if you read this blog post before your sons and daughters return home.

The day began at 0700 with the final wake-up of the semester. We had a quick breakfast of cereal, yogurt, and granola, followed by our final Boat Appreciation. Ocean Star has taken us over 1000 nautical miles over the course of this semester, so it felt good knowing we are leaving her in much better condition than she was in the right after race week (especially considering how many sails we tore and how much salt was splashed on deck). The BA was interrupted by a quick lunch of sandwiches and chips and was promptly finished afterward.

The pace at which we finished BA meant that we had a few hours of R n R to shower and chill before our final squeeze (conducted by yours truly) and then our final Meal, which will take place at Flatties about an hour after I finish writing this post. After dinner, we have free time ashore, which will definitely not be spent having a few drinks.

After that, we return to Ocean Star for Bed, and then we fly home tomorrow (with a few exceptions- Tessa already left, Kylie and Skye are staying, and Margaret is leaving tonight). That’s it, that’s it. We are done here.

Can you believe that?

I certainly am having trouble.

(from everyone aboard) see you all soon 🙂