Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The day has finally come to say goodbye. It only seems fitting that we are waving everyone off at the very same dock that we greeted them at some 80 days ago. So much has happened in the past few months that its simply not possible to sum up in a single final blog. Our shipmates have overcome and learnt a whole new range of skills ranging from the obvious (sailing, diving etc.) through to the other skills you develop whilst on Ocean Star that you never think about before joining the vessel. Some of these include being able to cook for 14 others, drive our dinghy Exy and mastering washing up. The major skill that a lot of of the shipmates master is the ability to cohabit and thrive in a confined space with the rest of the crew, as vessel life is not the easiest especially if you’ve never experienced this kind of living before.

The final day always has an air of sadness to it as goodbyes are said. Its always difficult saying goodbye to those you have grown so used to seeing all day everyday knowing that tomorrow you are about to be thrown back into the normal routine of daily life in society.

So to all the shipmates that have left us this semester, thank you for joining Ocean Star and making this an incredibly successful adventure of the Caribbean. We wish you all the best for the future and whilst Sea|mester is exceptionally cool, to quote Tina “Don’t make this the coolest thing you ever do”.

The photos are a collection from the entire trip. We were to busy actually saying goodbye to think about photographing it.