Location: Cairns, Australia

Today was a sad dreaded thought that had been highly anticipated when we arrived in Cairns. BA, aka boat appreciation day. And today was specifically “messy BA.” The day we would have to scrub every inch of the deep dark foreign holes of Argo. Everyone woke up slightly jet-lagged from a full night sleep without being woken up to start watch. As we divvied up jobs to start for the day, energy and motivation were high. My team was assigned to the anchor locker, and we scrubbed our hearts away, knee-deep in unknown liquids, with intermittent breaks for bubble fights. As the day went on, the dreary, dark brown anchor locker turned into a white, bright, and happy place filled with laughs and satisfactory rust removing. Their wee smiles elsewhere too, as the laz, deck lockers, and gray water tanks also were transformed back to their former glory. The pizza for lunch just added to the many smiles seen on board and tasted so good after days of canned food and pasta. The latter half of the day consisted of finishing up our BA jobs and hot fresh showers, keyword hot…something the crew is still getting used to again. Steph arrived back on the boat around the same time with all the groceries for the week, and I was extremely excited to see so many colors and real, fresh, whole foods. Everyone’s attitude for the day was extremely positive and made it way more bearable, even fun, to get through. We will finish the day with our final Oceanography exam and some shore time.

Pictured: Henry, Coral, Frank, and Raul, working in the laz; some of the other “laz rats” Rhea and Sam; Kari helping Steph with all the new provisions.