Location: Cairns, Australia

Today started with some people waking up early to go for a run, shower, and get breakfast. Everyone then congregated at 7:30 in the cockpit for breakfast. After cleanup we had our oceanography presentation, meaning that we are officially done with the class, very bittersweet. Everyone was antsy to get off the boat and explore Cairns, for our first full shore day here. Some people went bungee jumping (Kari got in a birthday jump), and others explored a bit of the city. Coming back to the boat, it was really cool to see how excited everyone is about the day they had. We celebrated Kari’s birthday by singing, a few times, and eating some delicious lemon birthday cake. We spent some time talking about the letters we write to everyone for the end of the trip, and I think that is when it sunk in that in a few days we are actually leaving the boat and all of the people we have grown so close with. I’m definitely going to be sad leaving Argo life and all on board, but I know this won’t be the last I see of them.

Pictured: Anastacia, Kari, Frank, Emily, Rhea, and Garrison preparing to go bungee jumping; Danny, Henry, Raul, and Sam also excited to go bungee jumping; Kari with her birthday cake.