Location: Underway to Madeira

Today was a crazy filled day! We started off the day with an incredible breakfast that consisted of Beignets, Bananas and Watermelon made by our chefs of the day, Andrew, Marion, and Seve. They were absolutely delicious and got everyone super excited for the day to come. After breakfast we did passage prep in order to get the boat ready to head back out to sea for our next passage to Maderia. This consisted of jobs such as getting the sails prepared, resetting the jacklines, disposing of all our trash, ensuring that the boat is 40/40, and securing our two dinghies. Everyone worked very hard and we were done in no time! During this time everyone went and signed the mural that Ethan has been working super hard on (the one that was featured in yesterdays blog)! Shortly after passage prep was completed we heard from Sarah that our laundry was on its way back. This excited everyone as we were ecstatic to have clothes that once again smelled fresh. Once everyone had put away their clothes and tidied our cabins we put on our pfd’s and got ready to head off the docks. We all assisted in getting Argo off the docks by either being on fender team or pulling the lines off the docks. Very shortly after departing Horta we were once again amazed by our chefs with another outstanding meal, cajun mac and cheese! After we all filled up on a delicious meal we got right into clean up followed by setting our sails. Raising the sails got everyone super excited as it set in that we were officially starting our next passage. Immediately after this was completed we all headed down below in order to take our International Crew Certificate Exam for seamanship class. Next, we headed back up on deck and went over the station bill (procedures we follow in case of an emergency) again with out new watch teams so everyone was super clear about what their job would be if something were to occur. It was a lot of fun to get to work with our new watch teams that we found out about last night after dinner! After we were done we officially started watch teams with team 2 finishing off the 2-6 watch which led right up to dinner along with watch team 3 taking over watch from 6-8. Dinner was as expected just as amazing as the previous meals today. It was teriyaki beef and noodles along with zucchini. We are all super excited about the passage ahead along with the following wind which should make this passage very peaceful.

1- Sarah, Liam, Anna, Mo, Bella, Julie, Jake, Ben and Amanda hanging in the cockpit
2- Claudia holding our fire hose during our station bill drills
3- Sarah and Anna on bow watch

Current position: 3749.87’N x 02816.57’W