Location: Slipway, Antigua

Wowzers bowsers! We made it! This morning, we woke up for our last morning on anchor. The sunrise was beautiful, and a few people had one last jump in the beautiful Caribbean waters. Just before breakfast, we lifted anchor and started making our way around the bend to the dock. This motor was really special as it was the last movement of Argo for the students, but also for Calum and I. Bringing Argo into English Harbor feels like bringing her home, and it is a very exciting time for us all. Tomer put us on the dock, and we began the big event of the day… BA!! We appreciate Argo for all that she has done for us for the past three months. As has become the norm, this student group excelled at BA and really gave Argo the love she deserved. We cleaned the salon, the galley, and especially their bunks and packed their things into those duffel bags that got shoved away so many miles ago. We met in the cockpit for one final time for a squeeze. As you can imagine, emotions were running high, and we all gave our appreciation for the whole semester and answered my squeeze question, “What are you most proud of yourself for this semester?” Because they should be proud of themselves, they accomplished so much and have come (physically ad figuratively) so far. After the tears were dried, we went out to dinner as a family for one final time. Tonight was especially exciting because it was Hilary’s birthday! So happy we could celebrate her for this huge milestone!