Location: Slipway, Antigua

Dont you love it when the stars align? I certainly do. And Im not just talking about being Overlord on the final day of the program. We are all so happy to have been on this crew. Weve all grown so much and have so many things were proud weve done. I, for one, am proud to be the best Overlord Argo has ever seen.

Our morning started bright and early, with most people waking up by 7:30 am. We didnt have a formal wake-up time, but everyone wanted to make the most of their final Overlord Day! (Either that, or they wanted to be there to say goodbye to everyone. But, its probably the former.) Del had made a flourless chocolate cake for grab-and-go breakfast while others donated their snacks they couldnt take with them on the plane. Your benevolent Overlord donated juice boxes! (Yes, yes, your Overlord is aware of how amazing she is.)

The first people off the boat were Gordon, Xavi, and Rob. Everyone gathered at the stern of the ship to lift luggage and give hugs. Naturally, since my job as skipper was to look after the health and well-being of the crew, I disrupted the sleep of the remaining stragglers so they could say goodbye. Emotional wellness, and all

(Side note: its amazing how many things you can justify when you say its for the health and well-being of the crew.)

Before long, everyone was on deck, wishing their best and loading things into the taxi. The cry-o-meter even picked up a few readings Xavi, Gordon, and Rob will certainly be missed.

Once the taxi left, we all filed in down below to scour for more snacks. Those of us who hadnt signed Argos guestbook yet got busy adding our favorite memories and out-of-context quotes. It wasnt long before Tomer cut up an avocado for breakfast, and the piece of navigational chart that was wrapped around it to accelerate ripening was passed around and bid for. (Im sure when the chart says for instructional purposes only, avocado ripening falls somewhere along those lines.) Others raced to the avocado bin to retrieve the remaining chart pieces to take home as souvenirs. And when there werent enough pieces for everyone, we summoned our instructor, Mac, to see if there were any more charts that were mangled enough to rip up and pass around. The more mementos everyone has of this trip, the more likely they will be to remember their amazing and humble Overlord.

Soon, the next round of taxis arrived, and it was time to say goodbye to nearly half our crew. And soon after, another round of taxis. And then another. The cry-o-meter reported increasingly heavier readings as we watched more and more of our crew disappear. The time spent crying and delaying taxis got longer and longer. Im not saying I contributed to the delays at all. Im just saying I wont be much of an overlord without my minions. Im looking out for them, really. Theyve grown too emotionally attached to me. How will they ever survive without me? I needed to keep them around for a little longer for the health and well-being of the crew, of course. But by the time 11 am rolled around, all the students were gone except for me.

You might be wondering to yourself, Did our brilliant and perfect Overlord cry at all? To that, I say: dont be ridiculous. Perfect overlords dont show weakness in front of their minions.

With the student crew successfully weaned off me, it was time to *sigh* it was time to clean Argo again for the health and well-being of the crew

Floors were swept, and everything was sanitized. And by the time 12:00 rolled around, it was finally time for me to say goodbye to the ship. My bags were moved off the boat, and I was given an envelope full of notecards that no doubt told me how amazing I was. As I prepared to leave, I realized I was still wearing the skipper hat. And as I went to take it off, I was told by Captain Calum himself to keep it.
The power I hold
Long story short, pray for my friends.

Signing off for the very last time (that youll hear of),
Overlord Wednesday Adams