Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Green Island and continue pressing on to discover more of the Caribbean. Our passage took us back to English Harbour to refuel, where we spent the rest of the day. At 15:30, we had an OCE class. In the meantime, all the shipmates studied hard for their geology quiz, which we all aced – congrats! Afterward, some of us swam to the shore to quickly explore the small beach, where we saw lots of little crabs. Dinner was prepared with extra TLC, with a traditional breakfast for dinner special – breakfast burritos …delightful. Once our bellies were topped off, we made Ocean Star ready for our night passage to St Barth’s. The night was luminously lit by the bright moon, and there were too many shooting stars to count. Watch team 2 experienced the 11-2 am shift with surprising calm weather; however that wasn’t the case for the other watches, who experienced some squalls and rocking conditions. Travis received a shocking smack from a flying fish while at the helm. Watch Team 2 also caught a small tuna, which we had fun trying to figure how to fillet and gut it.