Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

Today, thankfully, was not an early start. We got to sleep in until 7 am and sleep a whole 30 minutes more! However, that R&R was short-lived as we had to be on deck at 7:10 to top booms and raise sails. At approximately 7:50 (we are getting faster), we were underway to Les Saintes, even though we were still half asleep. After another “Cooking with Kyle” session in the galley, we had muffins in bread form (because Ocean Star doesn’t have muffin tins) and then rolled right into our Primary and Secondary Emergency Response class. For those of us who did not already have a CPR certification, we learned how to perform CPR and other life-saving maneuvers. And or those of us who do already have the certification, we also listened to that class anyway, but it’s okay. It was a good refresher. Then after discussing in detail mouth-to-mouth procedures, arterial bleeds, and gushing bright red blood, we all had huge appetites, so ate lunch straight after.

Luckily, lunch was quesadillas, so no one had any problem getting them down. The wind has been on our side these last few sails, so we arrived early at Les Saintes, allowing us to have our leadership class while not being underway and still leaving plenty of time for showers. Then because we are all 20 something kids, the next two hours centered around getting dinner ready- for all 11 of us. To Mari’s delight, we had schnitzel with mashed potatoes and an Asian fusion vegetable stir fry (not the mixture we thought we were going to get either-but it was yummy). Mari was in heaven with her schnitzel, and Kylie ate 3/4s of all the mashed potatoes. Then during the squeeze, Jules surprised Steve with the puzzle he had made of a picture of him (pictured above). To celebrate the completion of the puzzle, Jules let Steve put the final piece in place. Finally, after a Marine Biology lecture, we will be done for the day, and I have a feeling most of us will head straight to bed afterward.

Only 28 days left, and we are sad to see the time going so quickly but can’t wait to come home soon and use toilets that flush!
P.S. Hi, mom and dad! Miss you and love you!