Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

Waking up at a normal hour was much appreciated this morning. After a solid breakfast, the crew started on BA (cleaning up the boat). It was not too bad because our last BA was more recent. With that done and a good salad for lunch, the rescue divers prepared for training while the others had some free time aboard.

It seemed at. First, the rescue diver training was going to be boring, but in reality, it was quite the opposite. We began with review material, including using your buddy’s alternate air in an emergency ascent. Later on, however, things got more interesting. First, we simulated vertigo by being blinded underwater and then spun about and flipped and then slowly working our way back to the surface. Next, we practiced helping a panicked diver. Essentially, we took turns trying to inflate Steve’s or Alex’s (our instructors) BCDs as they simulated being a panicked diver. Steve was even a match for me, the dive ninja that is I, Daniel, master of the wet and whisperer to the fishes as I was taken down and fully submerged before managing to wriggle my way free and eventually take control of the situation. With some other new material and many, many laughs later, we came back to Ocean Star. Everyone studied for the Oceanography quiz this evening and had a great dinner of tofu, among other dishes. Time for the quiz- let’s get this bread.