Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

This morning at 7, we woke up to a nice and timely breakfast made by Dan. We were all quite surprised to find that we had scrapple. Again. I think that it’s one of those foods that you eat a few times and then randomly crave months later in the middle of the night.
Once we finished the cleanup, we went to shore and embarked on a journey to find ice cream, coffee, steaks and fish, and baked goods. We are a very food-oriented group.
After a few hours of shopping around, it was time to crack down on our studies. We headed back to the boat for seamanship, during which we were going to do chartwork, but we focused on the math. Hopefully, next time, we’ll be able to apply the math that we worked on today!
As soon as Carolyn released us, the rescue divers went out to work on skills with Tina, Alex, and Margaret. We practiced underwater panicked diver scenarios (Alex always looks panicked, so you can never tell whether it’s a scenario or if that’s his face). Once we finished the main skillsets for the day, we descended again to “practice different types of fin kicks,” but Tina and Alex just panicked more and snuck up behind us to rip our masks off while we boop-ed each other’s noses. It was extremely hectic, but I guess that’s what the rescue course is all about.
We all came back to the boat and did some stuff and things. A lot of menus were written. A lot of chef-ing was done. It was all a collaborative effort.
Night Diving!