Location: Great Harbor Peter Island

We were up bright and early for boat watch this morning; Kevin made some comparisons to Zombie’s, which sparked a whole conversation on our plans for the apocalypse; yeah, it was that kind of morning. Soon after, we were greeted by a school of 20 or so dolphins swimming off the bow. It was a great start to the watch in comparison to the rain the night before, but soon the conditions changed. A squall came up from behind us with a heavy wind shift. We were soaked by the rain and headed in the wrong direction, but it was very exciting. Before too long, we managed to tack and get back on course for the BVI’s. We arrived before lunch and set up dive gear. Both the open water and advanced divers dove the Rhone, a ship that wrecked off the coast of Salt Island in 1867. The dives were very successful. It was one of my favorites. Some highlights included a sea turtle and a nurse shark. We just finished a great dinner, and we are cleaning up before closing the program. It is hard to believe the trip is coming to an end already. We have all had such an amazing time. At the dinner table, we reminisced about our favorite activities. It was difficult for anyone to name just one as each day brought a new aspect to the voyage.