Location: Saba

Despite the less than perfect weather off the coast of Saba today, the crew of Ocean Star kicked off the month of July (and, according to Rachel, Canada Independence Day) in scuba style. The advanced divers maxed out their deep-water dive at around 100ft! Judging by their reactions, it was their favorite dive yet. As for the open water divers and me, stormy weather did not stop us from plunging close to 70 ft below the windy surface. We were joined by sea turtles, lobsters, an eel, and a surprisingly friendly nurse shark. It was great. After removing chilly wetsuits and finishing boat prep, the crew enjoyed a warm and windless Italian dinner below. Pending safe weather conditions, we will cast off from our mooring in majestic Saba tonight at 8 p.m. We will sail the 83 miles back to the BVI’s…our final destination. I can’t believe we only have two full days left on the Star. It has been an incredible 17 days!!!