Location: Saba

Ahoy there from Saba! We started out our day with dinghy rides over to what is called the “ladder.” Due to the rocks, we were not able to go all the way to shore, so we had to get out and swim. Once all of the crew reached land, we started the climb up to the top. The first section of the climb was a total of 483 stairs (thanks to Dilila’s counting skills). After the first section of constant stairs, we were thankful to walk on a road for a little bit while in the town of “The Bottom.” From there, we continued our hike up the mountain to another town called “Windward.” A few of us decided to continue the hike up to the very top of Saba, which was excruciating but well worth it. Once back in Windward, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch at “Scouts,” a restaurant decorated with old pirate memorabilia. From there, we went to a glass blowing shop, where many of us purchased necklaces/bracelets and were able to blow our own beads. Around 3:00, we headed back down the mountain. This time, we hitch-hiked back down the mountain, which apparently is totally acceptable here. We finished our exhausting yet fun and memorable day with Mexican food prepared for us by our wonderful chefs. All of us look forward to scuba diving tomorrow. Shout out to everyone at home, love and miss ya’ll.