Location: Bali

Bali is the first place I’ve been to that has truly lifted me. I am sure that each shipmate will agree that Bali has been amazing. Today we got a chance to hit the waves and get surf lessons. For anyone who does not know, Bali is one of the best places in the world to surf. So for us to be a part of the surfing world here was big. After a couple of hours on a surfboard, we hit the town. Each street I walked down was more priceless than the next. Street vendors yelled, scooters screamed by and honked their horns, life was busy, and so were we. I still feel like I have not had enough time to take in all there is to experience in Bali, but hopefully, this will not be my last trip here. As of right now, the air is thick with excitement. Tonight is our night out! Se la vi Bali.