Location: Bali, Indonesia


My name is Hans, and today I was a skipper (Wowza). Today my watch group (Tim, Mimi, Alan, Sam P, Izzy, Sofia, Ruben, and Kylie) and I woke up at 1 AM for a three-hour watch, and we had a blast. We listened to all types of music, had a little dance party while weaving between fishing boats, and played a little game of freeze when the music stopped because it was loading.

Later in the morning, we started our boat appreciation session. This obviously took place after I elegantly went down to each cabin and, like an angel coming down to spread love, projected an indescribable noise until everyone got up. I now understand how my mother feels when she is trying to wake me up; it takes a lot of effort to wake some of the people up on this ship. Also, a good 40% of the people here are not morning people, so when I was herding everyone out to get ready for our boat appreciation, I wasn’t the most popular guy.

So what is boat appreciation (or BA for short)? Well, my fellow moms, dads, grandparents, friends, and loved ones. Boat appreciation is an amazing thing that happens once during a full moon; we basically all come together as a crew to really show Argo some love and give her a good cleaning. This cleaning is very intense, though, and our sweat, tears, and sweat go into cleaning Argo to make her look as beautiful as she does. The BA took a few hours and was very hard, a lot of jumping around from job to job, setting up the tarps, scrubbing the deck, cleaning the saloon floor, organizing books, you’ve got to do a lot. It was very tiring, but when the work you are doing affects 30 other human beings, you really try your best and put a lot of effort into the work you’re doing. Because that’s what being a good human being is all about. And plus, if you really put your mind to it, anything can become fun, even scrubbing the saloon floor for an hour with some pals. You just have to make it fun and put that effort in.

We’ve also had some notable jokes and gags, and shenanigans throughout the day. I’ve gotta say one of my #1 favorite gags is yelling at each other (of course, in a very joking and loving way) in all of our own native languages. It’s a very fun and laughable way to get our frustrations and tiredness out. It’s also really fun to be a part of and fun to watch.

After BA, we took the fun train right into the ocean and took some jump-in showers; then, we went to land to explore (and clean some laundry). I saw a temple with some friends, and it was pretty neat.

Then as a crew, we met up at a rooftop hangout spot and had a few drinks with everyone.

Now I am writing this blog post and getting ready to go to sleep because the boat is rocking, and it’s extremely nice. Today was a good day, and I really feel that we are learning so much every day. Every day is a bit of an adventure on Argo, and I hope that I am able to leave this ship with more experience and knowledge that I can bring back to my home. I’ll leave it at that, but also, we have muffins tomorrow for breakfast, and I’m incredibly excited.

Thank you,