Location: Bali, Indonesia

Today we started off with the usual wake-up of 7:00 am accompanied by a delicious breakfast of cereal with some homemade bread. Quickly following, we set out to the land to participate in a lab that Alex and Mimi had put together. Learning all about how to survey a reef and pretending to be different types of fish for the lab definitely made it entertaining.

After finishing our lab, we got some free time to walk around and check out some of the shops, including the scuba diving shop filled with loads of cool equipment. Some of us rented bikes and biked around the cute island covered in beautiful architecture and colorful flowers. Having about two hours of free time to roam, a lot of ground was covered and explored, and there was lots of talk about our next few days in Bali. And even though lots of us bought ice cream, we saved plenty of room for the lunch that was waiting back at Argo.

Next, after the yummy lunch, we quickly stepped ashore again to check out a Turtle conservation center. We learned about what the people of Bali are doing to help conserve and rehabilitate turtles that have been caught in fishing lines, stolen from their ocean home, hit by boats, etc. We received a nice tour around the conservation area and got to see all the turtles they had rescued- even some baby turtles that needed some extra care! To end the beautiful learning experience, we all got to donate and adopt a baby turtle that will be released back into the ocean tomorrow morning. The conservation workers printed out certifications for us of our turtles, accompanied by handmade turtle necklaces made of wood and seashells. But receiving videos of our newly named turtles being released will definitely be a highlight of our fun-filled week.

At around five, we all headed back home to take jump-in showers and eat some delicious veggies for dinner. Along with an appreciation of the day, the squeeze question of today was if you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mine was Float On by Modest Mouse (I absolutely recommend a listen). After cleaning up, we had a quick Marine Biology class to learn about micro-organisms. The learning never stops here, and I think everyone’s more than okay with it. Now it’s time for rotating anchor watch and bed, anxiously waiting for another day of exploring and learning to come. I can’t wait to see what else this amazing place has in store for us(: