Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Another busy day in the Caribbean…this beautiful island of Nevis was a great place to visit. We started out the day by heading ashore to Barb’s place for an oceanography class on invertebrate. Barb had lots of really cool stuff that we were able to touch, such as conch, which came out of their cool shells and their body looks like one big foot, and it actually moves by hopping around. Barb also had starfish, anemones, a shark, urchins and lobsters. After class we were able to explore Charlestown. However, during the weekends not too many shops were open, which was a little disappointing, but we were able to find Ting, the local soda, which made up for it. A few of the shipmates dined on local cuisine, a special treat, yummy. While others merely ate ice-cream and shopped at the grocery store. During our outing we got caught in a little rain storm, but that only lasted a short while, thankfully. Tonight after we fix up some grub we have another sailing class, yeah, after which a little bit of free time then off to bed for an early rise.

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