Location: Safi, Morocco

It was nice to have an extra hour of sleep this morning after a late movie night. We all knew it was time to wake up when the smell of chocolate and cinnamon overwhelmed all of the odd smells of the cabins. After breakfast, we had a nice and relaxing marine bio class, while Tina, Amanda, and Dan went provisioning to buy food for the upcoming days for the crew. When class ended, everyone was still in the mood to relax since everyone was still recovering from the three days in Essaouira that were all going go go. Most of the group stayed on Argo and caught up on homework, sleep, and games that needed to be played. Harry Potter was being played in the background, and everyone was enjoying themselves. While that was going on, some students went to explore Safi, and let me be the first to say it was not like anywhere else we have been before. We might have been the only tourists in the whole city, but that didn’t stop the locals from being incredibly nice. We all got the “Not in Kansas anymore” feeling. When everyone met back on the boat, we were introduced to the idea of a Halloween bash. Guys were making signs and thinking of creative ideas to ask out their dates for the event. Everyone seems to be all in for the bash since it will be an amazing way to celebrate the halfway point (a little after the halfway point, but oh well) in the trip and how close everyone has gotten. The night ended with another amazing dinner, a seamanship class, and everyone hanging around the salon.

Pictured: Ben and CJ were asking Ev to the Halloween bash with a sign that says “11, Hopper, and a Demogorgon all going to the same Snow Ball? STRANGER THINGS have happened! Will you be our 11? (We have lots of fans of the show Stranger Things onboard)

A view of the streets of Safi during our shore explorations.

We are in the land of spices, and Amanda found these beautiful spices on display for purchase at the otherwise-standard grocery store during provisioning.