Location: Safi, Morocco

Waking up at midnight or four A.M. while on passage has become second nature to all of us over the past 42 days. We no longer stumble over our boat checks, and switching between helming and bow watch is a smooth process. There are so many more things that go into a successful watch than the jobs we were used to doing, so last night, Captain Wiggy informed us that we would be starting student-led watches. Each team would pick one of its members to be in charge of roughing out transitions between jobs and keeping an eye on the vessels around us. My team, watch team one, took the sunrise shift. I was asked to lead the watch and learned about how our boats radar works, how to judge if you are on a collision course with another vessel, and how to estimate the distance between you and passing boats. It was incredibly interesting and made me appreciate the amount of knowledge it takes to make our floating home run smoothly.

We were also asked to apply our newfound seamanship smarts to plot our course on a chart using dead reckoning, a process that requires us to use our estimated speed of travel and course to mark down our current position. Though we got off to a little bit of a rocky start, by the end of our watch, we had successfully arrived in Safi with a correctly marked chart. We were proud.

Watch team two relieved us shortly after sunrise and took on the long and difficult process of docking us in Safi. Over the next couple of days, we kids will be leaving the ship for the first time in over a month to go to Marrakech for an overnight in the Atlas Mountains. While we are gone, 3-meter swells are forecasted, so we needed to make sure we were in as snug as we possibly could be.

The last couple of days have been an incredible adventure, but learning and seeing so much has taken a lot out of us, so we had a lazy day aboard the boat while awaiting customs. Well needed and well-earned naps were taken, marine bio and oceanography were studied, a happy day. To finish it off, we all gathered in the salon to watch the movie Limitless and gobble up some popcorn. It was a nice night of recharging our batteries before our next adventure.