Location: Essaouira/Underway to Safi, Morocco

Today was an absolute beast of a day. To start it all off, we had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage. Once we finished up breakfast, we were split up into our watch team groups and made our way to shore to begin our leadership challenge course. We were told that somewhere in Essaouira laid a mystical chalice that contains the elixir of life. Our jobs were to work as groups to overcome various obstacles and riddles to bring us to our final destination. This course took us all the way from the Medina in the northern part of Essaouira to the ruins near the south where Jimi Hendrix spent his time in Morocco. It was a tough challenge, and ultimately, Watch Team Three came out on top with the chalice (Tina’s coffee mug). After the course, we made our way back to the ship with two huge trays of delicious couscous, made for us by Aziz, our Moroccan camel connection. After lunch, we cleaned up and began our passage prep to get us ready to make the short trip to Safi, just north of Essaouira. After that, we gathered in the salon to do our challenge course debrief. The debrief broke down how each team did and handled all of the separate challenges, and what we could have done differently. Shortly after, we all gathered on deck to begin our departure for Safi and enjoyed an amazing bbq chicken and scalloped potato dinner. Overall, this was an incredibly jam-packed day with many new concepts to incorporate into our daily lives.

Pictured: Aziz’s specialty couscous, Watch Team Two, Watch Team One, The Victorious Watch Team Three with Buddy, the dog