Location: Essaouira, Morocco

I think its safe to speak for all of us that Morocco is our favorite stop so far. Today, after breakfast burritos (regards to head chef, Jake), we grabbed some surfboards and hit the waves. Given the heat, the water felt amazing. For the majority of the group, it was their first encounter with surfing, but we all managed to surf in one form or another. Everyone was overly encouraging to each other. You couldnt go very long without hearing someone shout PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE! while they were on the break of the wave. After countless wipeouts, a good chunk of us was even able to stand up and catch a ride back into the beach. One of the coolest feelings was looking over to see that Jonas had caught the same wave as I, and we were riding it together, shouting in excitement. Honestly, its small moments like these that make me really step back and appreciate how blessed we all are to be present here, having these opportunities to experience and grow together (thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for our crew to call Argo home because I have deeply loved getting to know each). Sun-kissed and hungry, we set out in search of some food. Jonas, Dana, Ev, and I found a local tanjine restaurant down one of the back streets. Side note- there are cats everywhere, and Ev had to stop and pet every single one of them. We did some shopping around the local markets, picking up Christmas gifts for our loved ones as well as some personal shopping. After seamanship class, dinner, and clean up, we were happy to get some rest!

Pictured: soccer match on the beach with Argo in the background; Lex and Jonas are floatin’ around; Ian, James, and Jackie are soaking up some rays; Cole, Matthew, and Tait preparing to go surfing; and Jonas catching a wave.