Location: Basseterre, St. Kitts

After anchoring last night in the dark, we were delighted to wake up to beautiful Basseterre. We had a lovely breakfast before we all headed down below for a Marine Biology lesson with our very own Nick. After the lecture, it was time to explore Basseterre! It was quite interesting to see the vast difference between the cruise ship terminal and the real Caribbean city. We split our time between the Western world and the small Caribbean streets lined with food trucks and fruit vendors. Lunch ranged from Domino’s and KFC to chickpea stew, pigtail, and Maringa juice. Afterward, we explored the old churches and the modern museums of St Kitts. Upon returning to the lovely lady, we had time for a bit of a swim and our usual shower time. Andrea and Mike made the climb to the top of the forward mast. Tonight we are looking forward to Marine Bio round two! Lots of Ocean Star love from the Caribbean.