Location: Lesser Antilles and Caribbean Basin

Ahhh, yes, Day 14 on ye olde Ocean Star. Magnificent views have been witnessed, friendships have strengthened, and life has been deliciously fun. During breakfast, we were greeted by a large, five-masted sailboat, which turned out to be a hybrid cruise ship. Twas a spectacular blue vessel. Another Royal Caribbean came into port, but Ocean Star reigned supreme as the top sea dog in the area. Today marked our first adventure dive into a shipwreck. The wreck was off the coast of St. Kitts, and right after a hearty breakfast, we geared up to delve into the ocean. All of us displayed stellar buoyancy control, allowing us all to swim close to the remains of the wreckage without touching itTwas good fun.

Additionally, we experienced a few new aquatic species around the wreck, including a lionfish and a frogfish. The boat was stripped of any trace of the artifact, but the boat itself was still a marvel to look at. Once the dive ended, we lunched and launched to Nevis. We arrived in the mid-afternoon and headed to the beach as soon as possible to kick back and have a chill time. We tossed the frisbee around and started a pickup beach soccer game with a few of the locals, which ended in a draw because we had to attend our Leadership class before supper. The class was a pleasant introspective experience and helped us establish what the rest of our Sea|mester experience was going to look like. To top it all off, we dined at Sunshine’s Beach Bar, a beautiful restaurant right by the beach. Scrumptious eats and drinks were the perfect way to end a beautiful day in St. Kitts and Nevis. This was Day 13 on Ocean Star.