Location: Nevis

“Limin” is a purely Caribbean concept. The idea is to be very serious about taking it easy. The atmosphere in Nevis is incredibly conducive to a good “Lime”; an experienced “Limer” will start pretty early in the day, finding a suitable spot. The best spot is in public, so you can greet friends and make new ones, and it is probably in the shade. A setup like this will have you well on your way to a day spent busily doing not much but saying hi, dancing to any available music, and having a good time. The Ocean Star crew are not experienced “Limers,” however, so they didn’t get a chance to start their “Lime” until the afternoon. The morning was spent on an array of outdoor activities. Half of the group headed to Oualie Beach for a horseback ride that wandered from the sea up into the hills. The other half went with our hiking guide/taxi driver/reggae artist, Watusi, to hike to the water source for the island high up in the hills. The hike ended in a pool at the top of a waterfall. After the rigorous morning schedule, it was time for “Limin.” Some of the group found themselves in hot springs; others found a nice cafe to sit and sip the local fruit juices. This group of shipmates is well on their way to a full understanding of this aspect of Caribbean culture. Tonight we’re off on a night sail to Montserrat to explore this island so recently ravaged by a volcanic eruption.