Location: Saint Kitts Basseterre

On the 11th day we continued to sail into Saint Kitts on our 18 hour journey from the West End of Tortola. The crew took 3 hour shifts from Tortola to the Kitts. Once we entered Saint Kitts we were amazed by beautiful green shore and set anchor just off of Sandy Beach Point, St. Kitts. We then had wonderful pancakes for breakfast, cleaned up, and got ready for a nice hike to Brimstone Hill, an Old British Armed fort with tons of cannons all over. The hike was about an hour to the top. As we went along the road the locals sped past us in cool looking buses. We saw some cool local monkeys and then it began to rain furiously on us. Once we arrived to the top we had a wonderful view of the island and a few others around us. We then hiked back down the mountain and went back to Ocean Star. After lunch we wanted to move our anchor because it was too close to a break wall. We then ran into some trouble and noticed our anchor was stuck on the bottom in about 90 ft of water. As we watched our dive instructor, Laurie, and captain, Kevin, dove down to get our anchor out of that mess. We then had a wonderful Thanksgiving like dinner with turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes. We concluded the night with a Marine Biology Class and then Ocean Star motored to Potatoes Bay where there is a underwater shipwreck for a great diving adventure tomorrow.