Location: Virgin Gorda

Today we played around in The Baths. Not in the same way that you would expect from us if we had a rubber ducky but pretty similar. The Baths are comprised of huge, unexplainable, positioned boulders that create pathways and climbing platforms for visitors to monkey-around on. How these monstrous pebbles arrived on this relatively flat island developed conversations between all of us. Theories ranged from giant tsunamis to erosion and exploding volcanic debris, yet no clear conclusion was discovered. We enjoyed hurling ourselves into the turquoise depths of the Caribbean Sea, engineering an array of shapes constructed by limbs. Muscles ached as we claimed our reward of an impeccable view, after clambering the rocky terrain to the highest of heights. Once full, stomachs were again satisfied, brimming with a dinner of chicken fried rice.

A huge happy birthday to Sahil, we hope you enjoyed the cake.