Location: Pearns Point, Antigua

By 6 am most of us were up on deck, sporting our one “cold” outfit of a sweatshirt or sweatpants, cramming for our last marine bio finial. At 6:50, we took a coffee break to fuel up for the rest of the day. I woke everybody up with the only morning-themed songs like- Waking Up Easy by Lime Cordiale, Easy like Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, Good Morning by Grouplove, Wake Me by the Bleaches, among others. Breakfast was the classic granola and yogurt but with a Mediterranean twist (greek yogurt). After breakfast, we took our last marine bio exam and then broke into dive groups. The first dive group went out to the dive site to collect data for their research projects, laying transects or playing with Christmas tree worms. While they were gone, the people left on the boat, swam ashore to a little beach, studied for the oceanography final, or, my personal favorite, napped.

At 12, we had a delicious lunch of breakfast burritos with sunny-side-up eggs and pineapple salsa. After lunch was leadership in which we prepared for a debate about whaling on one of the Grenadine islands, Bequia, this was cut short, however, from Calum’s return from provisioning. We packed the fridge full of vegetables, meat, and most importantly, bread for the next 9 days. Now we get into a bit of a gray area when recounting the day. From after provisioning until dinner at 6, I was happily and deeply asleep. So although I am not sure what truly happened while I was sleeping, I awoke to tame stories about gorgeous dives and chill deck showers as well more “darangerous” (DA-RANGA- RUS) stories about malfunctioning ovens. Being the unbelievably kind soul he is, was helping the chefs light the oven, and there was a bit of excess gas in the air. He was met with a giant ball of fire, almost sinching his mile-long lashes. Luckily, he made it out of the galley unscathed.

At dinner, we ate buttered pasta( a favorite of mine) and cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and kale with leftovers, of course. My final squeeze question was, if you had to fill a bathtub with something (not water) and then sit in it, what would it be? Answers ranged from warm gauc( my own) to puppies, chocolate fondue, milk, or love letters. Tonight will be filled with more of the same, studying and sleeping, and that’s all I got. See ya never – Lenox heheheheheh

Pic 1- Zoe, Jukuma, and Ben posing for the blog cover
2- Me ” looking studious” per Jukuma’s orders
3- Isabel introducing lunch
4- potato shot of Luke, Jukuma, and I
5- Mike in his natural habitat
6- Jodie studying for Oceanography
7- Zoe not thrilled about her solo shot
8- Chief getting splashed
9- Jukuma, Sophie, and I showing our moms our best quiz grades
10- Margeaux and Mike cheesing
11- lobsters spotted by Kiara on the dive today