Location: Elba, Italy

Today, we woke up to pink and purple skies in our cozy beachside hammocks at the first-ever Seamester camp out! After croissants and coffee from nearby cafes, we all put on our swimsuits and headed to the shore for some of our first leadership training in the form of beach games! We all had so much fun screaming directions to each other and laughing at the many harmless collisions of those who were blindfolded (Greta and Sean, lol). Then we cheered on Sienna and Erik for winning the first game of birdie on a perch, which will change the course of the entire semester! Im excited to experience the chaos of randomly hearing birdie on a perch! and watching each birdie scramble to be the first to jump on their perch. Perhaps Greta and I will win the next one! We washed the sand off with a refreshing ocean swim and some handstand competitions. I enjoyed a nap in the sun while Gordon was buried in the sand and Skyler built a very impressive rock tower. Some of us hit the showers to soak up our last feeling of hot water for a while, while others ate tasty poke bowls and the best gelato. Once we were happily back home on Argo, we had our first Marine biology class and are looking forward to Seamanship after dinner! Then, some of us got a start on homework, did laundry, or had ocean showers. Shoutout to Gaby and Hillary for their first-ever backflips! Our day ended with delicious fajitas by Sophia (Wednesday), Joe, and Will. We are all so excited to go diving tomorrow!!

PS I love and miss you, Bella!