Location: Ville Franche, France

What a day. Woke up to a great egg and bacon breakfast before we cruised to the mainland to spend a day at the local French beach. Dont worry mom I wore sun block 50 SPF, still managing to get tan. Cant wait for tomorrow’s full day to do what wed like. I think a few Mates and I will take a day trip to Nice. The sun is starting to set and class is about to begin but before I go I just want to make sure all the mommies and daddies who sent there child on this trip know we are making the most of it and that you should be TOO!!! OMG, I cant stress enough how jealous you should be right now and its just bound to get better. K well I love you, so sleep tight and well do our best to try and think of you when we’re not so busy to the awesome ok !!! hahahaaaa ciao ciao

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