Location: Ville Franche, France

In the spirit of France, the chefs for the day prepared a lovely French breakfast consisting of croissants, cereal, and cantaloupe melon. A few other mates and I felt it was our civic duty to make sure there was no melon left over, so with full stomachs. We headed to shore for the day. We had the option to visit Nice, Monaco, Cannes, or any combination of the like. Shipmates enjoyed crepes, Gelato (those still missing the Italian delicacy), baked goods, and I’m sure tons of over-goodies while checking out the local beaches and culture. Cannes, famous for its annual film festival, was full of busy people and giant mega-yachts. Nice was also quite busy with beach-goers. The universe could not have provided us with better weather for the day. I had the privilege to visit Nice and go for the same run I did four years ago, the last time I visited Nice. I made one change to my route, so I ended up at a beautiful waterfall and stunning view of the Mediterranean and towns along her coast. What an experience this has been and will continue to be. We just finished our tasty Teriyaki dinner (I eat better onboard than I do when I am at school!) and are cleaning up Argo before we hit the books for Oceanography class. Have a beautiful day, land lovers!