Location: Bourayne Bay, Huahine

This morning we started with a delicious breakfast and then proceeded to finish our marine biology class. After learning about coral and other ocean critters, we set up our dive tanks. Those working towards their advanced open water diver certification reviewed information on underwater naturalists and focused on identifying vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants while diving. The dive site was incredible, unlike anything I have ever seen before. The coral was all alive and colorful, while the visibility was crystal clear. After diving, everyone ate lunch, and the students got to explore a small and remote beach. Between playing soccer, climbing trees, eating coconuts, playing with crabs, finding a dog, and walking through a jungle of palm trees, everyone had a blast. On the dinghy ride back from the beach, we watched a beautiful sunset slip behind the green mountains of the islands. Once back on board, the advanced divers had a knowledge review for our night dive tonight while the others played cards and colored. Then we ate dinner and are setting gear up to do our night dive. Everyone is super excited to go night diving; I can’t wait!

Pictured: Sunset, Beach, Danny holding a big crab, exploring the beach; Kari, Evan, Tim, Shelby, Ryan, Sam, and Cat on their way out for the Underwater Naturalist dive.