Location: Bourayne Bay, Huahine, French Polynesia

Our full-day started at seven with breakfast in the salon after a rainy cycle of night watches. It is not often we get to eat meals in the salon, so it was a real treat, despite the rain. Soon after breakfast, it was all hands on deck as we prepared to leave Mo’orea and head to Huahine. Sopping wet clothes were pulled off drying lines, scuba equipment was stowed in the crawl spaces below deck, and all rooms were secured for the bumpy ride ahead. At 9:30, everything was stowed (some of it precariously, but it works), and it was anchors away. Within the passage’s first hour, we were introduced to Slippery Bob, a hurricane fender who could end up overboard over the day. Slippery Bob (known casually as “Bob” to those in his inner circle) struck during Tim’s seamanship lesson, and the crew had their first man overboard drill. Soon after, four life rings, some flashing lights, a flag, and Tim were all in the ocean to save Slippery Bob. The crew of Argo hauled in Bob and Tim, and, with the help of some nearby boats, the life rings were collected. To celebrate our success, we headed out of the bay and into the Pacific Ocean.

This passage was particularly exciting because we were sailing into the wind. This means that for every three waves Argo hits, at least two end up on deck, and the day is a little more exhilarating. We sailed through a few squalls and also learned how to “tack” a boat (instead of sailing in a straight line, you go on a zigzag course but end up at the same place). We arrived in Huahine a little soggy but happy to eat Shelby’s dinner of chicken and pasta salad. Overall, it was a banner passage, and the crew was excited to explore the island.

P.S. Hey, family.

Pictured: Views from Taha’a this morning before we left; Frank saying goodbye to Apu Bay; the whole crew waving goodbye to Taha’a; some of the crew preparing to leave (Lucy looking less than amused); Tim teaching the crew about points of sail; excited crew in the cockpit because we were almost to Huahine! The crew was hoisting the main boom as we prepared to get underway. Flaking sails as we arrived; hoisting Tim over the side during our man-overboard drill; the crew during the sail.