Location: Apu Bay, Taha'a, French Polynesia

Today the day started kind of slow because everyone was tired from all the diving we did yesterday. We had some cereal for breakfast and then jumped in the dinghy to go to the pearl farm. On the way to the pearl farm, we got soaked in water because the sea was a little bit choppy. When we arrived at the pearl farm, the daughter of the owner of the farm came to give us a tour. She showed us how they modify the oysters for them to produce a pearl. She also showed us the different types of pearls they have.

After the pearl farm, we headed back to Argo to have lunch. Today’s lunch was very special because we got to eat mac n cheese, which is one of my favorite foods. After lunch, some of us continued working on our Advanced Open Water Certification. We went for our Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, which I think it was really fun because we got to do really fun things like swimming through a ring without touching it at a depth of 15 meters. The best part of the day was after the dive, when we got some free time. We all jumped into the water next to Argo and started playing with a football.

Today was a very relaxed day, but in the end, I think we have all been enjoying every single minute of this unique experience.

The Pearl Farm and the natives working
Danny on a swing in the pearl farm
Frank up in a treehouse
Multiple views of students practicing their giant stride off the boat