Location: Barbuda

After a delicious breakfast of eggs, challah toast, and fruit salad, we wasted no time getting into our classes. In MTE, we cracked on with our navigation questions in preparation for the exam. Then, we had Oceanography with Ivy, where we talked about wind and ocean currents. After classes, we had a bit of free time before lunch that most of us used to study or catch up on sleep. Following lunch, which was minestrone soup and salad, Aylee, Collin, and Bridget went to shore to explore Barbuda while Ben, Gwen, James, Bret, Shayna, Keeley, Nick and I snorkeled a nearby reef. The rest of the day was free time, which most of us used to swim, relax, and study for our upcoming Marine Biology exam. Except for Dom, who tanned all day. Will and Jake worked with Kris towards getting their Research Diver, which was very challenging because the visibility was poor. When we all got back on the boat, we enjoyed another delicious meal of pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and roasted carrots courtesy of Ben and Bridget. We have one more class tonight, and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep in preparation for another sail tomorrow!