Location: 35 31' N 010 44' W

As another day of passage, life goes by like the endless waves around us. We find ourselves near the halfway point on this passage to Spain. Today, the sea state picked up, which lead to a few crew members becoming seasick. While this was very unfortunate for those not feeling well, it did create a pleasant change to our otherwise monotonous schedule. Seamanship class was canceled, and we watched Dead Poet’s Society in Leadership class today. It felt like the crew really enjoyed this change to our daily schedule, and those feeling unwell appreciated the fact that they did not have to sit down below through a lecture while feeling sick. Other than the change to our class schedule, today was another normal day out at sea. There is nothing much to report on and nothing really new that happens out here. However, I continue to find each day a brand new experience because I will have a conversation with someone I have lived with for 46 days and will still find out something new about them. Whether that is Keally, Ceci, and I talking to each other for 4 hours on a 12 am – 4 am watch or if it is a simple conversation with Wyatt while in line for dinner. These long monotonous days are made unique by the people I spend them with. This is what inspired my squeeze question tonight. I asked the crew to say what their favorite memory or moment with the person next to them was. The answers ranged from people climbing a mountain together to sitting with each other on a night watch. As I heard all the random moments people would pick for someone, I realized that it was in the most boring, monotonous, or even miserable times that those moments were made. So, even though passage life and living on a ship with 30 people have moments that can be challenging, hard, and sometimes flat out suck, those are the moments we treasure and will remember forever. Therefore, I truly believe that what all of us live for out here are those little, simple, beautiful moments we share with each other every day.

Signing off for my last time as Skipper,
James M.

Photo 1: Wyatt, Kaleigh, and Elan hanging out in the salon.
Photo 2: Ale and Jessi cleaning the deck after dinner
Photo 3: Brianne as a deckie (standing)
Photo 4: Brianne as a deckie (no longer standing with Jessie and Ines going to her aid!)
Photo 5: Ben, Jessi, Keally, Ceci, Callum, and Cam on watch (most of watch team 2)