Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Our 6th day aboard Argo, the crew once again began at 6:30am. Today consisted of much learning and training of particular tasks aboard Argo, which overwhelmed everyone very fast, but will soon begin to soak into everyone’s minds. The tasks consisted of learning the nomenclature of everything: every line (not ROPES) on Argo, which consists of thousands of feet, the names of all the different sails, block and tackles, and most importantly where is port, starboard, bow and stern. Oh and we also learned the correct procedures for beautifying Argo. After lunch, was probably the most important part of the day because we learned about the three most important parts of boating, fire, abandon ship, and man overboard. Our captain and his expert crew of five professionally trained crew, talked and explained to the students about the correct procedures for each. Hopefully we will never need to us this knowledge but I’m sure everyone is prepared. After all the serious discussions were over we got to have a little fun by playing a couple games. I believe everyone enjoyed the “Gumby/Emersion” suit races the most. Which consisted of two even teams, and one person from each team would run out, and try and put on a Gumby suit as fast as possible and then take it off as well, in a relay form which everyone enjoyed. I’m still not sure what team won! Well we just finished dinner and are now getting ready for our first MTE (Basic Seamanship) class to start. Adios Amigos! P.S. Everyone is all amped up for tomorrow, because we are taking Argo out on our first day cruise around Table Bay.