Location: Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Hello World,
Another fun-packed day today, as usual. After having to barter to get my PFD back for leaving it on the deck, we started out with a morning sail to the beautiful island of Carriacou. Roger, Tommy, and I were still in a daze from the double bacon cheeseburgers we inhaled yesterday at the Nutmeg Cafe in Grenada; you gotta get that daily dose of beef in. The sail over to Carriacou was splendid. Once watch team Bravo took over about halfway through the sail, I decided to do a bit of schoolwork, which resulted in a nap, but that’s ok. Upon arrival in Carriacou, we dropped anchor and began preparing for an MTE class review with Eric for our upcoming test. Amongst all this, an island local dinghied over to us, offering to sell us the largest pair of lobsters I have ever seen in my life; it was pretty amazing because they were nearly the size of his little boat. After our event-filled class with good ol’ Eric, we had some study time (which was actually filled with studying). To top off this great day, we had a spectacular sunset to watch; Cap’n Smudge and I sat on the main boom during this.
Shoutout to Dad, Love Y’all.
Until next time, WWW3