Location: Les Saints, Guadeloupe

The crew woke up this morning with the usual starry eyes and shiny faces without the slightest idea that the day ahead of them would be the best ever. After a feast of pancakes (half banana half of the normal variety), we fell into our normal routine of either cleaning up or hiding in our bunks hoping nobody notices were not working. With our stomachs full and the boat clean it was time for an exhilarating lecture on inert gasses commonly found in the ocean and earths atmosphere for oceanography class (be sure to ask for the Powerpoints once the crew is home because its really exciting stuff). Once class was done we basically had the day off on one of the best islands we’ve visited yet. Les Saints is every sailors dream port, filled with baguettes, pizza and the internet. The crew spent the day wandering the island before realizing that everything (literally EVERYTHING) closes for siesta at noon. The once crowded streets became abandoned like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. A few rapture jokes were made and part of the crew went on a snorkel through a sunken ferry for the rest of the afternoon. Another part hiked around the island. Ella, Jack, Lander and I loitered around until the stores opened back up and rented two Hobie Cats. We spent two hours out on the water absolutely flying, and now everyone thinks were totally wicked. Once everyone was rounded up from the shore leave it was SWST (Salt Water Shower Time), and later dinner. We just got out of a quick basic seamanship class in which Captain Steve acquired the nickname wildcat and I got to try on the Gumby suit (Google it). Now as the crew settles down with the snacks they bought on shore and their knowledge reviews they saved until the last minute, the general consensus aboard Argo is that this was indeed, and forever shall be, the best day ever. Boom boom boom.